Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Piano Lessons    

Piano lessons are one-on-one instruction for thirty minutes each week. Faber curriculum is used for children, and Bastien's Adult Piano Course is used for adults. Faber curriculum includes Lesson, Performance and Theory books. Bastien's Adult Course is all inclusive, including Technique and Theory, all combined into one book.

  Voice Lessons    

Voice lessons are one-on-one instruction for thirty minutes each week. Students learn proper breathing, technique, posture, pitch, among other skills. Several vocal songs are taught and practiced each semester as the teacher helps the students to continue developing range, tone quality and confidance.

  Guitar Lessons    

Guitar lessons are one-on-one instruction for thirty minutes each week. We offer guitar lessons for all skill levels, ages 6 and older. Our guitar instructors will help you achieve your personal guitar goals!


Kindermusik is a method of early childhood music education centered around singing, games, movement to music and listening activities for children from ages birth to 7 years. It is one of the most widely recognized music and movement programs for young children.


We offer a variety of recitals and competitions to our students throughout the year, including our Costume Recital in October,  our Christmas Recital in December, our Spring Recital in May, the Jazz-Pop Contest in February and the Sonatina-Sonata-Baroque Festival in April. Recitals and competitions are all voluntary and are not a requirement to take music lessons. We do, however, encourage participation in these events because we know they will help our students grow, learn and have fun!